3d air hockey unblocked

Marshall Fiore

3D Air Hockey Unblocked, Play Online simulator Games for free

This 3D air hockey game is the perfect choice for leisure time, especially when you are a fan of playing it physically. This game was released in 2018, and 4+ aged children can play it free on mobile, PC, and tablet using the web browser. It has three levels, i.e., easy, medium, and hard stages. The great graphics and smooth moves make the kids attracted to it. This two-player game is very simple and easy to play for children. 

3D Air Hockey:

3d air hockey unblocked

Hit the air puck with your paddle into the contender’s goal opposite to you. You can ask your buddy to play with you, and if no one is free, then bots are always ready to have a match with you. The big air hockey table has just two teams, and you have to push your paddle onto the air puck toward the opponent’s goal. Also, avoid the goal of the enemy to make happen. The more you score, the more chances are there to win.


Click and hold the left mouse button to move the paddle. Rediscover your passion with this game of realistic graphics and an amazing arcade. There are two modes of playing this game, i.e., play it with your other player. And the other way is to play it with artificial intelligence. It is a very interesting game; you will play smoothly if you pay attention to every enemy move. Moreover, you have to score high, prevent your opponent from making goals, and ultimately become the champion.

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