Age of War 2 Unblocked, Play HTML5 (No Flash) Game for free

Protect your village from attackers by making soldiers and defense towers to help your soldiers. Your goal is to keep your cave safe and destroy the cave of your enemy. Use the mouse to choose your warrior and build your defenses.

Age of War 2 Unblocked

Age of War is a real-time strategy game with lots of action to keep you on the edge of your seat. Pick your army carefully and lead them into battle against the enemy.


There is no story, but Engineer Louissi is trying to make an impression. No provocation is ever needed because man is a strange and warlike mammoth that is always sniffing around in the mud and blood for the next challenger and is never satisfied with peace.

Age of war 2

Game War Facts:

It’s great to see how your troops get better as you move through the ages. However, your opponent’s base health goes up as you both get better, so it’s better to get rid of them.

How to Play

If you move forward on time, you will deal with the enemy forces. We need to move from wars from the Stone Age to ones with better weapons and a better chance of success. You have to go into the enemy camp and destroy it to win. It’s time for the battle of the century. Protect your village from invaders, make soldiers defend it, and build defense towers to help you aim, expand your base, and grow and improve your weapons.

age of war 2 unblocked

Music & Sound

The music is fun and expressive, and it pushes you to kill your enemies and send your troops to attack the enemy base. The sound design is intuitive mainly when using the shooting star feature, which both sides use to clear the whole playing field and bring things back into balance.

Age of War 2 is a strategic defense game where you must protect your base from enemy attacks by strategic placement of defensive units. Age of War 2 features 5 different ages to play through, with each age featuring different units and technologies.