Age of War 2 Unblocked, Play Ages of War (No Flash)

Age of War 2 unblocked is the second round of the Age of War series. It comprises seven generations as opposed to five like in the past game, and it highlights two new transformative ages, which are the Spartan and Egyptian Ages.

Defend your village from attackers, build soldiers to protect them, and build defense towers to help them. Your goal is to protect your cave and destroy your enemy’s cave. Use the mouse to choose your warrior and build your defense.

Age of War 2 Unblocked


There’s no story; however, Engineer Louissi is attempting to create an impression; no provocation is ever required, for man is an extraordinary and warlike mammoth, forever snuffling in the mud and butchery for the following challenger, never content with harmony.

Age of war 2

Battle Gameplay:

Age of war two online isn’t unpredictable; you bring forth units by tapping on their portraits at the highest point of the screen, and they walk towards the opponent base in a straight line, while your rival is doing the same. At the end, when your powers meet, they duke it out; fallen enemies award gold and experience points, which you have to purchase more turrets and troops and update your capacities. Each time you redesign, you advance in time, and your post and forces develop in like manner.

age of war 2 unblocked

You can build and update a progression of turrets which become continuously progressively ground-breaking the later you advance. Toward the begin, a rock thrower and some programmed chicken egg turret will be your only defense. At that point, later on, you’ll have crossbows and programmed automatic rifles. Age of Defense doesn’t say that you have to sell and expel the old turret plans to clear a path for the new ones, so you wind up with the unique circumstance of having a programmed automatic weapon combined with a primitive rock thrower fighting off WWI-era tanks.

Game War Facts:

It’s flawless to watch how your troops develop as you advance through the ages, your opponent’s base wellbeing increments as you both upgrade, so it’s, in reality, better to take them out, on the off chance that you can.

How to Play

We will deal with enemy forces if we advance on time. We must move from prehistoric war to the next stage, with sophisticated weapons and more likely to succeed. We must enter the rival camp and destroy it to win. The battle of the century has begun. Protect your village from invaders, create soldiers to defend it, and build defense towers to help you aim, increase your base, and grow and improve your weapons.

Music & Sound

The music is carefree and expressive, encouraging you onwards to obliterate your opponents and toss your troops against the enemy base. The sound design is mainly instinctive when you utilize the shooting star capacity, which the two sides approach to clear the whole playing field and restore balance.