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Age of War unblocked is an onlinestrategy-based gamethat revolves around creating units that destroy your enemy’s base before your PC opponent can take over your base; when you play and eliminate your opponents’ units, you earn points to experience, which can help you progress to the next Age. Each Age is a chronicled period beginning from the beginning of the Stone Age up to a contemporary age following our current period. Each Age has its unique units and base upgrades.

Go through the five stages of humanity and fight your enemies. Train your soldiers and protect your belongings. If you have accumulated enough experience points, you can move up to the next level by clicking on a star. Use the mouse to make your army. The Age of War unblocked is a great defense, strategy, and reflection game where you have to face a command trying to destroy your castle in five different eras (from prehistoric to the future).

Age of War Unblocked (A War Game)

Age of War is a base defense strategy game that lets you are fighting a constant conflict. Create units constantly to defend your base and eliminate enemies. If you accumulate enough XP, your civilization will grow through the centuries, offering new technology during battle. As each age advances, you’ll gain access to stronger units and advanced technologies.


The objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible, by killing enemy units and destroying their base. There are five ages, each with its own unique units and buildings. To progress to the next age, players must accumulate a certain amount of resources. Players can also research technologies that will help them in battle.

Age of war

Way to Win:

There are three ways to win the game: either by destroying all of the enemy units and structures, reaching the highest age, or accumulating the most points. Points are earned by killing enemy units and destroying enemy structures. The game can be played in single-player mode against computer-controlled opponents, or in multiplayer mode against other players.


The game is played on a map, which is divided into squares. Each square represents a certain area of the battlefield. Units and structures can be placed on any square. Units can move from one square to another and attack enemy units or structures that are in range. Structures cannot be moved.

Age of War Difficulties

When you start a new game, you can choose one of the following difficulties:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Impossible

Game War Ages

The game is divided into five ages from the Stone Age to the future. Each age has its own unique units and buildings. Players must research technologies in order to progress to the next age. Each technology costs a certain amount of resources and takes a certain amount of time to research. These are the following:

  • Stone Age
  • Medieval Age
  • Renaissance Age
  • Modern Age
  • Future Age

Stone Age

The Stone Age is the first time in both Age of War games. The Stone Age base is a heap of rocks. It is the beginning Age of all Age of War games, yet it is the weakest Age of all time.

War games


  • Club Man
  • Slingshot Man
  • Dino Rider

Age Turrets

  • Rock Slingshot
  • Egg Automatic
  • Primitive Catapult


  • 4000 Exp to evolve

Medieval Age

The Medieval Age is a transformative age that shows up in all Age of War and The Wars games. This is based on the Medieval period from the fifth to the fifteenth century in all war games

Medieval Age Soldiers

  • Swordsman
  • Archer
  • Knight

Age Turrets

  • Catapult
  • Fire Catapult
  • Oil


  • 14000 Exp to evolve

Rennaissance Age

The Rennaissance Age in the first game is based on either Dutch or French armies.


  • Dueler
  • Musketeer
  • Cannoneer

Age Turrets

  • Small cannon
  • Large cannon
  • Explosive cannon


  • 45000 Exp to evolve

Modern Age

The Age of evolutionary weapons & equipment.

game of war fire age


  • Melee Infantry
  • Infantry
  • Tank

Age Turrets

  • Machine gun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Double machine gun


  • 200000 Exp to evolve

Future Age

The Future Age is the final Age in the Age of War series, and it is based on future weapons, soldiers & equipment.

age of war game


  • God’s Blade
  • Blaster
  • War Machine
  • Super Soldier


  • Plasma cannon
  • Laser cannon
  • Ion ray cannon


  • No further Evolution

How to play?

To play, you should simply utilize the toolbar at the top to generate units, construct or sell turrets, or make more turret spots. When you’ve earned enough involvement, you can progress to the following Age. This gives you another variety of units to purchase with gold and expands the gold picked up from overcoming enemy units.

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