alien attack team unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Play Alien Attack Team Unblocked for free and Online (No Flash)

Aliens are attacking your planet, and you have to be prepared, and for this purpose, you make a special team named as alien attack team. Do everything in your power to stop those creatures from invading.

alien attack team unblocked

Alien Attack Team:

Make your team practice harder and prepare solid armor and dangerous weapons. In this game, you can create a great character and firearms. Achieve some hurdles, update yourself, and return stronger to erase all the aliens from the planet.

Train your team harder so that they can fight against the aliens, as they may have some superpowers, so you have to attack them with deadly weapons. Keep moving forward and stop outsiders from entering the Earth; even if they do, kill them immediately. Shoot them with the grenade and with different high quality varieties of weapons and show no mercy; this is the only way you can save human beings. 

alien attack team html5

There’s no time left for further thinking; order your military to clear the world from strangers with futurist weapons. Furthermore, this exceptional game allows you to personalize your whole experience of this adventure by giving you options for different characters and equipment.

Control Keys:

  • Aim and shoot with the mouse
  • Move with A or D
  • W to Jump 
  • Crouch with S
  • Q to choose the weapon you want.
  • R to refresh
  • Slide with key D+S
  • For double jump, click 2xW

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