Apple Shooter Unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Apple Shooter Unblocked, Play Online Archery Games for free

Apple shooter is an interesting archery game inspired by Wilhelm Tell and developed by Wolf Games, which they released in 2008. In this game, you hold your bow, throw the arrow at the perfect angle, and attack the apple on your friend’s head. Initially, it was a flash game, but then it was upgraded to html5, meaning you don’t need to install or update the plug-ins, and you can play this game on mobile and PC.

Apple Shooter:

Apple Shooter Unblocked

Think twice before playing this dangerous game online with your friend because his life is at stake if you miss the target. It would be best if you were hyper during this game, and with time you’ll be a great marksman. And eventually, you’d be a winner in destroying the apple of the fellow head and even any other minute object. Moreover, any newbie can find and start this game on many sites, including unblocked wtf and become an expert warrior.

How To Play:

Round 1 of this amazing game starts with the approximately 20 feet distance between you and your fellow. Due to this, you could face difficulty in attacking your target, i.e., apple and not your friend. Shooting your weapon on the apple will help you score and level up in the next round, and the distance between you two people will decrease with each successful strike.

apple shooter html5


  • Use the mouse to aim.
  • Left-click and hold the mouse to get the power of the shoot.
  • Left click to shoot the target.

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