Apple Shooter Unblocked, Play free Apple Archery at ToG

Your friends love you the same as volunteering for dangerous activities like that! He puts the apple on your head and waits for you to hit it with your arrow. Give this love properly and try not to kill your friend with a bad blow. Do you like flash games that allow you to experience great moments in front of your game screen? Apple Shooter is Shot on Apple, a great work that needs to be tested. If you take pictures of Apple, you must qualify for shooting games on our website. Apple shooter unblocked is similar to Gunblood Western, which you can play on ToG.

Apple Shooter Unblocked

This apple shoot game may not bore you. If you start with a simple slingshot at the start, it becomes even more dangerous because you have to shoot arrows, weapons, and even rocket launchers! If you miss your target, the villagers are at risk of getting hurt, and you could risk being swallowed up by this older adult!

Apple Shooter Unblocked


Two little Indians were playing a dangerous game! Whoever you play has an arrow with a bow, and his friend puts an apple on his head. You have to precisely aim the apple and shoot the arrow without killing your friend! If the fetus is lost, it will pierce the Indian belly or tear his leg! It’s also possible to catch arrows, but it’s not safe! As the level increases, the shooting distance becomes bigger.


Accuracy, speed, and agility are the three characteristics needed for this game! In this game, you have to aim at the apple on the farmer’s head.

apple shooter the game


This game is played with a mouse, and you only need to click the shot button. But be careful, the target moves very fast, so you can only shoot when the aim is in the apple!