Play Bad ICE Cream Unblocked, Online Arcade Puzzle Game

The Bad ice cream game screen is still pixelated as usual, but the level of refinement is extraordinary; the music also shares the same FC game with the desire to share blood. This time you even enter two-person mode so you can work with good friends to get past it.

You have to control the evil ice to steal all the fruits, but there will be enemies who will stop you. Do not be afraid. Use the ice that you spit out to stop it. If ice is blocking you, you can also use the ability to spit ice to break it.

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked

Bad ice-cream unblocked finally crashes into everyone; Nitrome Pixel Games Company produces classic, narrating games, bad ice to steal all the fruit in the village. In the process of theft, there are many enemies to stop it. The player must enter the game; you need Control ice to prevent the enemy from eating all the fruit, so it runs smoothly.

The enemy will stop you, don’t worry; use the ice you spit to stop them. If there is ice blocking you, you can also use the ability to spit on ice to break it. The new game has added a lot of colorful ice creams; this game can choose a one-person mode for this game; this new game has a total of 40 levels that you as a friend can challenge to get the first experience!

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked


Bad Ice Cream Revenge is a game made with delicious ice cream, but players who play Xiaoice Ki don’t look very cute in this game. They need to use their ice property to freeze all the fruit, and they are also collected carefully to avoid enemies on the screen and challenge them.

bad ice cream game


  • Revenge of the Bad Ice Cream unblocked is a puzzle game from Action Fighting 2k Studio.
  • In this work, the player turns to ice and must defeat the fruit on each card.
  • Ice war with fresh fruit.
  • You can play the game alone or with your friends. When you click the Play button in the main menu, you.
  • Choose the icon number, ice color, and head.
  • Harmful content from ice games
  • Every time you want to freeze, shut up. Try to get all the results, and don’t let the enemy catch you. We hope you have fun.
  • Bad Ice Cream is a fun arcade puzzle game where you control delicious, colorful ice cream!
  • To avoid being destroyed or melted by enemies, you must collect each layer of fruit walls!
  • Wrong revenge property for ice cream
  • Ice cream and sweet fruit puzzle
  • More than 100 cards
  • Attractive multiplayer mode
  • Addictive game
  • Attractive pixel design
  • Smooth control
  • Choose your taste
  • Add fruit to your ice cream!
  • Travel to each level of the maze for your frozen summer dessert and collect fruits marked as points
  • Peel all the fruits without being caught