Play Bowman 2 Online Game, The Free Arrow Man Game

Bow man 2 is a mindblowing addictive traditional game. Regardless of whether you’ve never known about it, play for free just once and you’ll be hooked. The object of the game is to shoot some kinds of arrows at your rival and execute them before they slaughter you. Save the world form the Aliens as a Raze Soldier at ToG.

Bowman 2 Unblocked


Bowman2 is a fight against your rival to see who can precisely pass judgment on the angle and quality of the shot to make the arrow arrive on your opponent’s body.

High Damage

A headshot delivers the most harm while a shot in the chest comes in just short of the win. Wherever else on the rival’s body incurs less harm.

Power and Angle

To shoot your bow, just drag your mouse over the screen and you’ll be given a direction in addition to angle and quality (control) data. Discharge your mouse button to release the bow. You can play Bowman against a competitor it may be your friend.


To make it significantly all the more engaging, we have likewise incorporated a bird mode in this shooting game. You’ll need to shoot the number of flying birds as you can inside 1 min and afterward let your friend attempt the equivalent. Thousands of individuals play online consistently and now you can appreciate a superior variant of it on the iOS gadgets. It truly is very addictive.

bowman 2 game

Game Setting

The in-game setting, you can set up a different option

  • Show Index
  • Add Wall
  • Add Wind
  • Critical Hit
  • Show index

bowman 2

The last two options are automatically selected by default, this option shows you angles and indexes. ‘Add Wall’ will add a wall in the field. ‘Add Wind’ causes air when you throw an arrow. If you check ‘Critical Hit’, the damage will very significant. There are 5 kinds of vitality in this game, you can choose the difficulty for your professional skills. Enjoy the game with your friends…