Color Tunnel Online, Play Color Tunnel HTML5 Game

The curious ball decides to explore the entrance to the colored tunnel. I wondered how far such a beautiful corridor could lead. Don’t leave your character, enter the game tunnel in the game, and follow the endless aisle whose color changes. Obstacles appear immediately, and you have to react quickly by manipulating arrows. When the ball moves around an obstacle, a collision occurs, and the competition stops. When you see the solution, collect it. You can then replace the stone with a new spin on the ball. Its speed increases gradually.

color tunnel

Color Tunnel Unblocked

Color Tunnel Unblocked moves at panic speed in colorful tunnels and must avoid obstacles of various shapes. You must be very quick and accurate to identify the area of the entry barrier and quickly pass your position to prevent it. Stay focused, and build a new record!

Color Tunnel Unblocked

How to Play?

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