Play Cyclomaniacs Unblocked, A Epic Cycling Game at ToG

CycloManiacs is a cycle racing game in which you race on six distinct universes. Bicycle racing fans originate from varying backgrounds… so prepare to meet the absolute most weird and awesome characters that you’ve at any point seen on two wheels! If you don’t like your teacher and he gave you a lot of homework than it’s time to take revenge at Don’t Warch your teacher on ToG.

Cyclomaniacs Overview

Cyclomaniacs is a really wild and wacky bike hustling game for children where you take on 9 other flighty riders in a progression of requesting trick bicycle races and difficulties over the uneven territory of the wide open. Perform epic tricks and extreme proceeds onward a wonderfully quick push bicycle.



Each track is an uneven ride and you can utilize the slopes to hop. Performing somersaults and wheelies award you with speed supports, which can be the way to winning the race. Each playable character has distinctive details in jumps, stunts, wheelies, and speed. You just begin with one character, however, there are 20 unlockable various characters in the game.

Achievements & Tracks


Cyclomaniacs is a racing game, but the game places more focus on the achievements on each track than on winning races. There are 70 achievements in total. Completing an achievement unlocks additional tracks and riders.


26 Tracks

6 Worlds

Each track have 3 Achievements

Cyclomaniacs Cheats

This game supports the cheat/code interface, which you can access in the main memory. These cheats codes can affect your  “game gravity”, “speed” and help you to gather different costumes.

CHEESELow gravity
GERBIL Super gravity
ELVIS Auto boost
HADDOCK Haddock costume

How to use

  • Start the cyclomaniacs game at TOG.
  • At the main memory, the left-hand side clicks on the “Cheat Button“.

cyclomaniacs cheats

  • Enter any code given above and Enjoy Racing!

How to play Cyclomaniacs 1

  • Speed: W
  • Brake: S
  • Lean Backward: A
  • Lean Forward: D
  • Space bar: Jump