Play Defend Your Nuts, Squirrel Shooting Game at ToG

Defend your Nuts Unblocked

With regards to shooting armies of undead, you can’t turn out badly with a bow and arrow. In any case, pointy sticks aren’t generally the best thing when the trouble makers begin to get greater and harder. Guard Your Nuts utilizes a coin-based update framework that enables you to improve weapons that open after you’ve played through a specific number of days. Defend against zombies at the zombie trailer park online game.

Defend your Nuts

Protect your Nuts guidelines

  • Headshots can cause more harm than body blows, so go for their noggins to bargain the most extreme damage.
  • Look out for coins and ammo symbols that drop from crushed foes.
  • You can gather them by swiping the cursor over top, and you’ll require each additional shot and each coin you can get.
  • You can also buy and upgrade land mines and a protective fence to keep your acorns safe for as long as possible!

Weapons in Squirrel Nut game

  1. On the first day, you have a bow and arrow to eliminate bad creatures.
  2. After three days, you will be unblocked a shotgun and then a precision rifle.
  3. Finally, a big rocket launcher with great damage.


  • Mouse: Power, Shoot
  • Switch Weapon: 1, 2, 3, 4


You can’t turn out badly with a beginning recipe like that and Defend Your Nuts does to be sure hit all the correct checks in its structure. Great visuals, a straightforward, natural movement, and selectable difficulty levels make it simple to get into, and everything finishes in the last fight that is flawlessly appropriate for a defense game.