Donkey Kong Unblocked, Old Retro Donkey Kong Online

Once again, you can enjoy the fun and unmatched Nintendo Consoles game and the most famous monkey of all sports, the incomparable Donkey Kong. You are Super Mario Bros., and your goal is to save the beautiful princess who kidnapped a gorilla. Climb the stairs and avoid the barrels that throw monkeys from the top of the screen. Play the game and have fun!

Donkey Kong Unblocked

One of the classic Nintendo games that always comes with the console is Donkey Kong. The main character in this platform is a gorilla, who roams the forest with her inseparable partner, Donkey Kong, searching for bananas. We have to jump, avoid our enemies, and avoid obstacles to complete each game level. Thanks to Nintendo’s emulator for PCs, smartphones, and tablets, you will find several other online and original versions.

Donkey Kong Unblocked


Donkey Kong Unblocked is the star of Nintendo, and Donkey Kong Games, which first appeared in Game Clock, is Mario’s bitter enemy. But times have changed. Donkey Kong returned to Super NES a few years later with his friend Didi Kong. This episode marks a great saga.

Important Nintendo Character

The Donkey Kong character can be found in many Nintendo video games, especially at Donkey Kong Games.


There is Donkey Kong in front of Mario Bros. Guide Mario to the construction site to save the princess from this arcade classic. Donkey Kong is a crazy monkey so that it won’t be easy. This game is a revolving barrel that has its mind. Jump over them and go up Rickman’s stairs. This game captures the feel of the original but looks imperfect because there is only one level repeated, but it is still an excellent remake.

donkey kong online game

How to Play Donkey Kong Online?

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space: Jump