Do Not Whack Your Teacher

Marshall Fiore

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Whack Your Teacher is an engaging and entertaining game designed for kids to release their frustrations towards their teachers in a virtual setting, providing an outlet for self-expression and stress relief.

Do Not Whack Your Teacher:

The starting menu for Do not Whack Your Teacher perfectly encapsulates the game’s unique blend of humor and catharsis. The moment you land on the menu screen, you are greeted with the audacious opportunity to hurl a ruler directly at the unsuspecting teacher’s head.

Do Not Whack Your Teacher


In the storyline, a kid has been punished to stay in detention by their teacher. The kid is understandably upset and frustrated, but instead of taking it out on the teacher physically, they have the option to use various objects in the classroom to inflict harm on the teacher without any consequences.


Players can click on various objects in the classroom to see how they can be used to harm the teacher in creative ways. From a stapler, to a baseball bat, to even a chair – there are numerous options for players to unleash their anger on the virtual teacher. Each object has its own unique animation and sound effects, making the experience all the more entertaining.

whack your teacher unblocked

List of Items:

  • Stapler
  • Baseball bat
  • Chair
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Backpack
  • Bug Sprayer
  • Jar of bees
  • Thermos Bottle
  • Wire
  • Book
  • Baseball Bat (Box10 Exclusive)
  • Umbrella (Box10 Exclusive)
  • Flower Vase (Box10 Exclusive)



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