Drag Racer V3 Unblocked – Play Drag free Racing Game at TOG

Are you ready to compete with the latest model cars? No doubt, we hear you state! In drag racing v3 you get what vehicle you need to purchase and you will begin the race.

Drag Racer v3 Unblocked Gameplay

I don’t think how I need to get the vehicle. You have a huge amount of money, yet you absolutely never stress! As you raise the gear, the vehicle will accelerate and achieve the speed that will leave your opponent. Remember! Under his opponent, he will be a superior vehicle that goes as quick as you do. That is the reason you must be quicker than him to win the race.

Why Drag Racer is different from other Racing Game?

Drag racing game is a wonderful and basic racing game in which you should control each part of your vehicle to attempt and achieve super speeds on the drag strip! In most hustling recreations you essentially control the quickening, braking and turning – in Drag Racing 3 anyway you control the gas and rigging changing and should time your gear changes flawlessly to increase top rates. There is likewise a vacation mode in drag racerv3 game, which you can begin from the base and stir your way up to turn into an expert hot rod; contend in races to procure cash and update your car parts. On the other hand, in the event that you essentially need to test your drag abilities, you can experiment with all the accessible vehicles in the arcade game mode. Lock-in and head onto the drag strip today!

Drag Racing 3

V3 Modes:

There are two particular Game modes to browse:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Uner Mode

Drag Racer V3 unblocked

Drag racer Arcade Mode:

In Arcade Mode, you can just pick any vehicle from a wide scope of great, surely understood vehicle makers, and after that race it in a once-off race against the PC.

Drag racer Uner Mode:

In Uner Mode, you begin off with an increasingly unassuming model (a Honda, Nissan, or Mazda), and step by step race your way to the top, acquiring enough to buy top of the line vehicles, for example, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches. In Uner Mode, you need to pick between Easy, Medium, and Hard trouble levels.

Easy Mode:

In easy mode, the controls are actually equivalent to in Arcade Mode.

Medium Mode:

In Medium Mode, you need to take your finger off the Spacebar so as to switch gears.

Hard Mode:

In Hard Mode, you need to switch gears physically utilizing your PC mouse or touchpad by clicking and hauling the gearstick to your ideal rigging (demonstrated in the base right corner of the game screen). Additionally, in Uner Mode, you can put on every one of your races. Utilize the earned from these bets to buy updates for your vehicle, or to buy new and better autos. Have a decent day down at the track!

Drag racing game


In Arcade Mode:

Spacebar = Accelerate Up and Down Arrows = Change gear Keeping your finger on Spacebar is fundamental to looking after speed, however switching gears at the right time is the precarious part. In the event that you stay in a low rigging for a really long time, your motor overheats, and you naturally lose the race. Watch out for the distinctive dials on the dashboard. On the off chance that the red light is squinting, that implies you have to go up an apparatus. In like manner, if the temperature check is excessively high (into the red pointer), rapidly climb an apparatus. Drag Racer v3 is developed by XGen Studios. Use expensive cars to won the match.