Electric Man 2 HS, free Electricman unblocked game at ToG

You are a warrior who has changed his appearance after the aura of energy surrounds his body. You must use this excess energy to defeat all your enemies and get through the circle. Voltage Tournament, where combat teams with variable strength compete with each other to find the stronger in the stock world. The current champion never wins.

Electric Man 2 Unblocked


A combination of martial arts, street fights, and superhuman strength can be used to defeat your opponents. Let the Game Begin As a comment, tell us that Electric Man 2 is one of the best fighting game and expect a lot of fun playing the Electric Man 2 online game, a game that many players choose as their favorite hope you like it. Remember, we offer the best, most entertaining and biggest game collection in the world that you can play online.

Electric Man 2 Unblocked


Here you play the role of a very weak person outside. With Electricman 2 unblocked you can have fun competing with enemies to become the biggest champion in shooting and fighting games. Become a brave hero by encouraging your opponents to survive !!! This game offers a variety of battles for all those who like to fight … Be prepared to attack and fight in this shooter.

electric man 2 game unblocked


Men with electricity are not touched. When your enemy attacks, use the arrow keys and the A, S, D and W, Q, E keys on the keyboard to fight the electrician. Defeat the enemy, bleed, save yourself and the people