epic combo unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Play Epic Combo Unblocked For Free And Online

Epic Combo is an addictive and entertaining html5 game where the simple goal is to create the longest possible chain reaction of hits by wielding a giant hammer to smash turtles. With every successful strike, players earn points and money, which can be spent on upgrades to achieve more impressive and ludicrous combos.

Epic Combo:

The game’s draw lies in the satisfying mechanics and the escalating scale of the action as players endlessly strive to top their high scores, offering endless amusement and a humorous take on the pursuit of high scores in gaming.

epic combo unblocked


The game may sound simple, but it requires a strategic approach to reach the elusive goal of 10,000 combos. As players progress through the levels, they will encounter different types of turtles with unique abilities that can either help or hinder their combo efforts. This adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.


Use Spacebar to swing the hammer, and use the arrow keys to move around and avoid obstacles. The controls are simple but require precision and good timing to achieve a high score. Use ‘S’ to shop for upgrades.

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