Play Escape the Bathroom Unblocked, From (Ninja’s Escape)

Can you Escape the Bathroom?

You’ve been caught in this washroom, and it’s up to you and your creativity to make sense of your way in this puzzle game. So as to Escape the Bathroom, you’ll have to make sense of a progression of point and snap puzzle. At that point, and at exactly that point, will you have the capacity to discover your way out of this restroom? Try not to attempt to just leave through the entryway, either. Those lasers most likely hurt. The fourth game edition of Afro Ninja’s Escape series. This portion places you in a washroom where your solitary exit is hindered by lasers. Figure how to deactivate the lasers, and advance toward opportunity! Another escaping game “Escape the Car” is available to play.

Escape the Bathroom

Escape the Bathroom Walkthrough:

Here is the full game solution for Escape the Bathroom from This video guide will help you solve all the puzzles and provides detailed explanations to get you out of the bathroom. Watch the video and enjoying escaping… Now, How you escape the bathroom?