Extreme Bikers Unblocked, Play HTML5 Game by Kizi

To be a world-class extreme biker, what does it take? Sure, you have talent. But it also takes courage, determination, and a never-say-die attitude. These characteristics distinguish the best of the best in this demanding and thrilling sport.

Extreme Biker Unblocked

Extreme Bikers is a new, exciting 2D racing game in which you can put your skills to the test at over 100 breathtaking levels. Drive your bike as you’ve never driven it before, leaping from one wheel to the next and battling enemies in epic boss battles! Extreme Bikers will bring out the inner child in everyone with its adorable character design and simple gameplay.

Extreme Biker Unblocked


Extreme Bikers strikes the perfect balance between excitement and fun, all while taking place in a world as stylish as it is beautiful. The game is in a vibrant universe full of breathtaking landscapes, memorable characters, and unique challenges.