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Galaga is a space invader style game where you must shoot down enemies as they fly towards you. You can move left and right to avoid their shots and shoot them down to score points. The game gets progressively harder as you advance, with more enemies appearing on the screen and shooting more frequently. If an enemy shot hits you, you lose a life.

Galaga Unblocked

Gallagher unblocked is a shooting game with an old arcade game. Sometimes called Game Room Game = Gallag is a popular and representative game. The main character must control the spaceship and shoot aliens (which look like insects) in space.

Galaga Unblocked


Aliens appear in line with each herd. Extraterrestrials that have emerged and settled gradually draw in the saga and come here. When this procession hits the ground, you lose. Sometimes the laser is fired at the protagonist’s plane so you can be caught while still running.

galaga online

Galaga Tips:

  • Sometimes the enemy goes down and shoots beams that kidnap the main body. You can be released if you hit the enemy during the abduction, but it’s hard to get around and guess.
  • If the kidnapped red flag flies, it will return. In other words, the Galaga war fought with two planes. It would be useful to fire two weapons together, but they both die if they attack in both directions.
  • If the abducted enemy is silent, the enemy disappears, but the abducted flight remains red.