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In Give Up Robot, you play as a small robot who will complete various challenges with the one-wheeled robot and a grappling hook. Give Up Robot game was released on Newgrounds on August 12, 2010, by Matt Thorson. This game is a purposefully challenging platformer game with 50 levels, as well as 11 additional, extremely difficult “Hard Levels”.

Give Up Robot Unblocked

You know this game is wonderful when you’ve simply fallen about a number of times in the first five minutes but still want to have pushed forward to complete all levels. With its psychedelic retro style, solid grappling action, and twitch-inducing puzzle gameplay, Give Up Robot Unblocked is that kind of game – as much as it brutalizes you for playing, you simply won’t want to stop.

give up robot unblocked

How to Play Give it up Robot?

  • Move Left: Left Arrow
  • Move Right: Right Arrow
  • Jump: S or X
  • Lunch Grapple: A or Z

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