Play Gravity Guy Unblocked, Online Gravity Game at ToG

Do you remember the story of Apple and Newton? Yes? In this case, you are in the right place because, in this series of gravity games, you have to apply the laws of physics to solve puzzles, some of which, when you start, seem impossible to solve. Play the Gravity Guy unblocked and have fun!

Gravity Guy Unblocked

In most cases, you need to move elements to find their place where they can directly affect their environment. You have to experience it several times to measure the consequences of a step, and sometimes you will not find a solution to the problem within minutes of thinking. Here’s what’s useful: Finding a solution to a problem we don’t think can be solved.

gravity guy unblocked


Gravity Guy is a reflex game that reminds you of ducks that can turn gravity into gravity ducks? You are chased through several levels, and you suspect you have to escape from your pursuers; of course, the game is always faster!

How to Play?

You don’t even have to control the character because it’s as big as him. On the other hand, it’s up to you to avoid obstacles by controlling gravity. It couldn’t be easier: use spaces or mouse clicks of your choice!

play gravity guy