Gun Mayhem 2 More Mayhem, Gun Mania Unblocked at TOG

In gun mayhem 2 unblocked defeat your amazing enemies by shooting them or blasting them off the stage with explosive. This game has a solitary player battle mode, custom games and a progression of difficulties.

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked


When you have chosen the game mode in gun mayhem 2 and you can modify the appearance, shading, and loadout of your character – you can change their shirt, cap, and face, in addition to their advantages and weapon.

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

Win the Game

The point of each round of gun mania is basic – you should knock your opponent off of the stage and keep them from bouncing back on. You can push your enemies by shooting them. You can avoid being lost the stage yourself by utilizing a progression of bounces and double jumps.

Utilize your Weapons

The gun game 2 unblocked is quick-paced and fun and you should have snappy responses to win! There is a scope of various weapons to look over, for example, a gun, automatic rifle, and SMG, in addition to you can even utilize TNT and grenades.

gun game 2 unblocked

New Features

  • New Shirts
  • Faces
  • More Colors
  • Sniper
  • New campaign with 16 progressively challenging missions
  • Challenge levels to test your skills
  • 7 custom game modes
  • New guns, perks, and customization options

How to Play Gun Mania?

Player 1 Controls:

  • Arrows: Move
  • Z: Shoot
  • X: Throw Bomb

Player 2 Controls:

  • W, S, A, D: Move
  • T: Shoot
  • Y: Throw