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Paul Avallone

Wild West Gunblood Shooting Game

When it comes to wild west styles, there are few games that can match the intensity and excitement of Gunblood. This western-themed shooting game puts you in the shoes of a gunslinger, ready to face off against some of the deadliest outlaws in the land.

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In Gunblood, you play as a fearless gunslinger tasked with taking down some of the toughest outlaws in the wild west. The game is set in various locations, each with its own unique challenges and enemies.

At the count of three, you must draw your gun and take down your opponent before they can do the same to you. The faster and more accurate you are, the better your chances of survival. As you progress through the game, the opponents become tougher and more challenging to defeat.

gunblood html5

So, what you are waiting for? Draw your gun at right time and become the modern-day cowboy in Gunblood!


Use mouse to drag the weapon and right-click for shoot.

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