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Gunblood Unblocked:

Gunblood is an intense, reaction-based western dueling game. Choose from ten wild west characters to battle your way through nine rounds of fast draw gunfights. The gameplay requires quick reflexes and accurate aim to defeat the enemies standing in your way. As you progress through each round, the difficulty increases, and the enemies become tougher with better accuracy and quicker reflexes.

gunblood unblocked

The game features vivid and captivating graphics, with authentic western scenery and detailed character designs. Each character possesses a unique set of weapons and abilities that can be used in combat. The Wild West theme is carefully crafted with atmospheric music and sound effects, providing a truly immersive experience.


Gunblood features outlaws engaging in quick-draw duels in the Wild West. Players must point and click with their mouse to draw their weapon faster than their opponent. You can choose characters from the-selected pool of cowboys and outlaws. As you progress, the characters become more difficult to defeat. After defeating all ten opponents, you must face off against a final boss character and win the game.