Hanger 2 Unblocked, Play Ragdoll Swinging Game for free

Hanger 2 is a ragdoll swinging video game that will entertain and challenge you. Swing your way to the finish line using your limbs for momentum, then launch yourself as far as you can to gain points and coins. Coins collected can be used to unlock new skins and upgrade your skills, giving you an edge to beat your personal best records.


This installment will see you use your grappling hook and rope to swing through a series of levels. You must reach the end without falling or running out of time.

Hanger 2 Unblocked

How To Play Hanger 2 Unblocked?

Use your mouse left click or space bar to swing from each bar. The further away the bar is, the further you will launch. When you grab the bar, press and hold to swing.