Mahjong Titans Unblocked, Play No Flash HTML5 Game Online

The game’s object is to match all of the tiles on the board with other tiles of the same type to remove them from the board. Players can choose from various boards and levels, ensuring they are always faced with new challenges. Also, play Mahjong Connect 2 for free. Mahjong Titans also have an online multiplayer mode to compete for the highest score against their friends.

How do you play Mahjong Titans?

  • The game includes a variety of tile types, each of which has a different number of matching tiles. Players must find pairs of identical tiles on the board and stack them vertically or side-by-side to clear all tiles from the board.

Mahjong Titans Unblocked

  • When two tiles are matched, they are removed from the board, and you are awarded points and sometimes extra time. When four tiles are matched, they are removed from the board, and any tiles stacked higher than two tiles fall to fill in the gaps.

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  • When a stack of ten tiles on the board is matched, it will wipe out all the tiles on the board. The game’s object is to remove all tiles from the board before the time limit runs out!

How to win Mahjong Titans?

In Mahjong Titans, the objective is to clear the board by matching identical tiles. Players must first decide which tile they will match next, swipe across the screen or tap it to select it. Then press the second tile you want to pair with it to complete the pair! If you cannot find any pairs during your current turn, your turn will be completed, and you will be awarded some points.

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Matching tiles in Mahjong Titans can be difficult due to various tile types. Some tiles are stacked three or four high, while others are stacked higher than two others. As a result, you’ll need to decide which one to match early on in the game.

You can also clear the board by matching four tiles of the same type and any stacked tiles above two. If you do, those tiles will fall to fill in the gaps left by the previous tiles.