Miami Crime Simulator 3D, Play free HTML5 Online Game

Are you looking for an exciting and fun crime simulation? Miami Crime Simulator is the best choice! You’ll be able to solve crimes, track down suspects, and keep the peace in this fast-paced game. This game features stunning 3D graphics that will keep you busy for hours.

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Miami Crime Simulator Unblocked lets you play as a criminal trying to make a name in the city. The open-world sandbox allows you to roam the city and commit any crime you wish. You can choose from simple robberies or more complicated heists.

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

You can also roam the streets and cause destruction or havoc. You will be subject to a police chase, and the police will become more aggressive for each of your crimes. If you get caught, you will face serious consequences.


You can interact with AI characters in the game’s world. Your moral compass will determine whether you want to help or rob these characters. You can also choose to help them or rob them. There are different activities at different times of the day. You might see more people on the streets at night, making it more feasible to rob.

miami crime simulator unblocked

Graphics & Sound

Miami Crime Simulator has realistic graphics that bring the city to life. You will find plenty to explore in the game’s expansive world. You have a wide range of looks and character models to choose from. Miami Crime Simulator features a thumping soundtrack featuring a mix of hip-hop and electronic music. The sound effects are also well done, making the game feel more immersive.

Open World Game

Miami Crime Simulator can be replayed many times due to its open-world nature. There are many missions available and many ways to approach them. You can also free-roam around the city and cause as much chaos as possible.

A wanted system is also included in the game. This means that the police will be more aggressive when you commit crimes. This adds a layer of challenge and keeps you coming back for more.