Miami Crime Simulator 3D, Play free HTML5 Online Game

Miami Crime Simulator 3D is an action-packed game set in Miami. As an undercover agent, your mission is to restore order in the city by taking down the rising criminal empire. With an arsenal of weapons, from pistols to grenades, you’ll chase after the criminals and bring them to justice.

The game features various vehicles for quick and safe transportation across the city, as well as realistic 3D graphics and animations. Quick thinking and fast reactions are essential to stay one step ahead of the criminals you’re pursuing.

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Miami Crime Simulator Unblocked allows you to play as a criminal seeking notoriety in the city. The open-world sandbox enables you to commit any crime, from simple robberies to complex heists, and wreak havoc on the streets.

miami crime simulator 3d unblocked

As you carry out your illegal activities, the police will be hot on your heels, and their pursuit will become increasingly aggressive. If you are apprehended, you will face severe consequences.


You can interact with AI characters in the game’s world. Your moral compass will determine whether you want to help or rob these characters. You can also choose to help them or rob them. There are different activities at different times of the day. You might see more people on the streets at night, making it more feasible to rob.

Miami Crime Simulator html5

Open World Game

Miami Crime Simulator can be replayed many times due to its open-world nature. There are many missions available and many ways to approach them. You can also free-roam around the city and cause as much chaos as possible.

A wanted system is also included in the game. This means that the police will be more aggressive when you commit crimes. This adds a layer of challenge and keeps you coming back for more.