Minecraft Builder Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online for free

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge Minecraft fan. I’ve spent countless hours in the game creating various structures. I’ve even made up a few words solely for construction. So when I heard about Minecraft Builder, a new Minecraft builder game, I was ecstatic!


The gameplay is similar to Minecraft but with a few new twists. First and foremost, you must purchase your building materials. You can get them from one of Minecraft Builder’s many NPCs. If you require additional materials, you must travel to Mines, where NPCs are not present, and gather supplies independently.

Minecraft Builder Unblocked

Once you’ve gathered your materials, click on an empty plot of land to begin construction. You’ll need to chop down trees and mine stones to get more resources. To begin, you’ll need a stone or better axe and an iron or diamond pickaxe. Finally, once the ground floor of your project is complete, you can add a second floor with an iron ladder. When building your home, remember to use the doors and stairs to ensure everyone can enter your lovely structure!


The controls are nearly identical to those found in Minecraft. WASD, SPACE, Shift (to sneak), and CTRL are the keys to use (to place blocks).

Not only that, but Minecraft Builder has a plethora of extra items to assist you in creating your ideal world.

Minecraft Builder

You can use the cauldron to make potions (healing, strength, etc. ), place a bucket of water or lava on a wooden pressure plate to act as an alarm, and even plant trees. Also, don’t forget to experiment with the command blocks! What you can do with them will astound you.