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One of the first and most popular games in the world is Minesweeper unblocked. Today we want to draw your attention to the modern version of Minesweeper. This is about that. In it, you play with people from all over the world. To win a round, you must first find all the bombs. To do this, click on the screen and open the cell. The numbers are entered into it. They show how close the bomb can be or how many cells can be opened safely. If the pump is installed, check with a checkmark. As soon as the entire field is open, the game ends, and you get points. Then the diagram will appear in front of you, and you will see where you are.

Minesweeper Unblocked (Best Puzzle Game)

Online Minesweeper is a full-featured mine search game. The set contains two modes: classic and crazy, where mines have different strengths. This is a progressive mine search game with a good table with the best players, game statistics, and lots of useful settings and features.

Minesweeper Unblocked


Minesweeper original was first included in the Microsoft Windows operating system in 1992 with the release of Windows 3.1. Since then, this puzzle game has remained an attractive nuisance for computer users. While the user interface looks simple, this game requires skill and concentration to master it.


Most versions of Minesweeper unblocked offer three difficulty levels. The entry-level starts with a 9 x 9 grid consisting of 10 mines. This is the most straightforward configuration. If the player improves the game, try the middle level with a network of 16 to 16 and 40 mines. Those with mine clearance skills must advance. It has 16 grids for 30 and 99 mines. You can also create custom grids with as many leads as you want, regardless of service size. This setting can be changed in the menu, in the game, and options or by pressing the F5 key.

Minesweeper Online Guide

If this is your first time playing Minesweeper, it’s a good idea to start from the bottom. Beginners must stick to the most comfortable level to gain experience. If you are a beginner yourself, you can create your board for training purposes. Try a 10-lead grid, but there are bigger boards, for example, 16 x 16 instead of 9 x 9. By improving the way, you work to standard settings.

minesweeper online

How to play Minesweeper Game?

Do your math:

Minesweeper is a number game. Although it seems to be a typical puzzle game, it does require math skills. The area around the mine will have several of them. If the box has 1, that means it is surrounded by only one mine everywhere (even diagonally). Before you click on a new table, think of all the boxes that surround it. If 1s surround the box, that means there must be a mine. Always think about the numbers.

how to play minesweeper


  • While the first position on the mine search board is assuming, you should take strategic steps from now on.
  • Even though this game has a timer, don’t be afraid to slow it down when you study.
  • It might be challenging to gain insight into game mechanics from the start.
  • Don’t worry about timers because the results will depend more on how often you make money and less on speed. They develop slowly and steadily.