Money Clicker Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

Money Clicker is a new and addictive game that lets you earn virtual currency with just a few clicks. Start off by clicking on the gold coins as they appear, and then use your earnings to upgrade your clicking power.

Money Clicker Unblocked

The objective of Money Clicker is to earn as much money as possible. Players can do this by clicking on the various icons that appear on the screen. Each icon represents a different action that will earn the player money. The specific amount of money that is earned from each click varies depending on the player’s level.

Money Clicker Unblocked


There are also various upgrades that the player can purchase in order to increase their earnings. These upgrades include things such as a money multiplier, which will increase the amount of money earned from each click, and an auto-clicker, which will automatically click the icons for the player. Players can also compete with each other for the highest score on the leaderboard.