Money Movers 2 Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game free

In Money Movers 2, you solve puzzles to help two criminals get out of jail and steal money. The game’s goal is to get the money to the door that leads out of the room without getting caught by the guards.

money movers 2 free online

Money Movers 2 Unblocked

Money Movers 2 is a new online puzzle game where you have to get two thieves from their jail cell to the door out of the building. You have to get all of the money on each level, but you can only move around freely when the guard isn’t looking. There are many things you can use to get the guard’s attention away from you.

Money Movers 2 Unblocked


  • You control both criminals at once.
  • Use the objects to distract the guard and help your criminals escape!
  • Complete all levels by escaping with the money.
  • More than 20 challenging levels to complete!