Play Pac Xon Deluxe Unblocked for free, A HTML5 Online Game without Flash

Pacxon Unblocked:

Pac Xon is an exciting twist on the classic Pac-Man game. In each level, strategically place walls to cover the grid and reach the 80% mark to win. Avoid the ghosts, which will reduce your progress. The bonus fruits add an extra element of excitement, allowing you to earn additional points and power-ups by catching them. Gamers of all generations will enjoy Pac Xon’s unique gameplay.

pac xon deluxe unblocked

How To Play:

Pac Xon is a classic arcade game where players must block off sections of the playing area to capture ghosts and other monsters. The goal is to fill up as much of the playing area as possible without getting trapped by ghosts.

To control Pac Xon, players move him up, down, left, and right. To capture ghosts, walls must be built by moving Pac Xon along the edges of enclosed areas (4 lines are needed per wall). Once a wall is completed, players can collect ghosts.

The game ends when 80% of the playing area is captured by walls. However, players must be careful not to get caught by any of the monsters, or they will lose a life. If all lives are lost, the game is over, and players must start over.

pacxon html5


Throughout the game, you will come across powerups such as glowing orbs, cherries, peaches and strawberries. These powerups can help you in a number of ways. A glowing orb will allow you to eat ghosts for a short period of time and make them run away, while cherries will make you move faster. Peaches will slow down the ghosts and strawberries will completely stop them from moving for a while.