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Papa’s Sushiria Unblocked:

Papa’s Sushiria allows you to make sushi creations for hungry customers. As a sushi chef, you’ll need to master cooking rice, slicing fish, and rolling up perfect Maki. You’ll also have soups, bowls, and desserts to test your culinary skills. Delegating tasks to your kitchen staff is crucial to avoiding chaos. Carefully review the order slips provided, as they are different for each order. Keep up with orders to ensure timely delivery.

papa's sushiria unblocked


In Papa’s Sushiria, players can choose between two characters, Matt or Clover, or create a custom worker. Although the initial choice matters little, an unfortunate event will force players to take over the restaurant.

The game revolves around mastering the art of sushi-rolling, where players learn proper techniques, chop fresh ingredients, and create delicious rolls. As players progress and become more skilled, they can unlock new recipes and ingredients, resulting in even more flavor combinations.

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Additionally, there are various customization options available for the character, such as clothing and hairstyles, allowing players to truly personalize their sushi chef.


  • It pays to be fast when preparing each dish as you must work against the clock in order to maintain a higher customer score. However, it is also important not to hastily prepare your creations as perfection should be strived for.
  • Be sure to pay attention when customers place their orders. They will tell you exactly what they want in their dish and you do not have much time to look over each ticket.
  • As customers get more satisfied with your dishes, you will gain coins which can be spent on upgrades for the store such as new equipment or decoration pieces. This will optimize your gameplay and also improve life within the store – a win-win situation!
  • Last but not least, remember that practice makes perfect! Over time, you’ll gain more familiarity with making sushi rolls and rice balls which may even result in faster preparation times down the line.
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