Penguin Diner Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

As a waiter or waitress, it’s your job to seat the penguin customers, take their orders and serve them their food. Serve up the dishes that they have ordered and make sure to collect the money when they leave.

Keep an eagle eye out for any special requests or orders, as the penguins can get quite demanding. Don’t forget to keep them happy by staying attentive to their needs. The happier the penguins are, the more money they will pay for their meal.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the timer. Serve up each dish as quickly as you can, and don’t forget to clean up after the customers have left. Make sure to keep the restaurant clean and organized so that your customers can have a pleasant dining experience.

Penguin Diner Unblocked

In Penguin Diner, you’ve been tasked with designing and operating your restaurant. You’ll be in charge of a team of penguin “waiters,” and you’ll have to get them to cooperate to serve customers. You’ll start with a small group of penguins, but as you advance through the levels, you’ll be able to hire more! Once you’ve made some money, you can personalize your restaurant’s appearance by purchasing decorations for your penguins to enjoy.

Penguin Diner Unblocked


This one-of-a-kind restaurant is named after everyone’s favorite flightless bird and provides a dining experience unlike any other. Everything at the Penguin Diner is themed around penguins, from the decor to the menu.


The game has three difficulty levels that can be changed during gameplay. You can play in relaxed mode, eliminating the need for your penguins to be synchronized for tasks. In this mode, however, you will not earn as many points. You can choose the hurried method to get a higher score because the waiters must be synchronized to be effective.

How to play Penguin Diner?

Penguin Diner’s goal is to keep your customers happy by efficiently managing your penguins. Each level starts with a line of customers being seated at tables. You must serve customers drinks, food, and desserts until they are delighted. You can click on the customers to earn money once they are satisfied. You can advance to the next level once you reach several points.

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