Pizza Clicker Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

Have you ever played a game so addictive that you can’t put it down? When I play Pizza Clicker, I get that feeling. I’m addicted to this simple but challenging game! In Pizza Clicker, your goal is to earn money by clicking on pizza slices. The more pizzas you click, the more money you earn. Is it possible for you to become a pizza tycoon?

Pizza Clicker Unblocked

Pizza Clicker is a free online browser game that can be played directly in your browser. The game’s goal in Pizza Clicker is to earn money by clicking on pizza slices. The amount of money you earn is determined by the number of pizzas you have clicked.

Pizza Clicker Unblocked

You must click on the pizza slices to earn money. You can use the idle feature of the game to click on the pizzas if you don’t want to. Pizza Clicker is a no-flash game, which means you won’t have to download any software to play.


Pizza Clicker features a unique upgrade system in which the more upgrades you earn, the faster your earnings grow. You can hire people to work in your pizzeria, which will increase your earnings automatically.

You can speed up the process of earning money by pressing the fast-forward button. Your upgrade costs will rise when you purchase a new home. There are 35 upgrades to start earning from in Pizza Clicker and 14 buildings to start earning from. You can also increase the size of your pizzeria to accommodate more customers.

Final Words

Pizza Clicker is a free online game that is extremely addictive. If you enjoy casual games, you will quickly become addicted to this one. It only takes about 5 minutes to learn how to play, but mastering the game will take a long time!