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Pokemon Emerald is another sequel to this endless story. Many more new features to be added … what else can I say? New Pokemon, new trainer … to feed the insatiable appetite of all those Pokémon fans, who do nothing but follow as we can the expansionist and repetitive rhythm that Nintendo applies to get caught… 100 more years?

Pokemon Emerald Online

Monsuta Emerarudo Poketto (Japanese: Monsuta Emerarudo Poketto) is the body that forms the poker video game series. It was sold to Game Boy Advance on September 16, 2004, in Japan, on May 1, 2005, in the United States and in Hong Kong, on June 9, 2005, in Australia and finally on October 21, 2005, in Europe. On the cover, you can see Pokemon Drag n / Volador Rayquaza.

pokemon emerald online

This game is the sequel to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and is the third generation of Pokemon Games. As in the previous Pokemon game that became the base, the player controls the Pokemon trainer, whose general goal is to get through all of Hoenn’s rules and conquer all Pokemon. As in the Rub and Sapphire versions, this game represents the third generation Pokemon, although it also adds several second-generation Pokemon. National Pokedex is also available without Pokemon exchange.


In Pokemon Emerald Online, the protagonist travels through the Littleroot town area in Rea, which leads from Hoenn to Johto. After rescuing Professor Birch from a wild zigzag, he receives a Pokémon with which he has helped his teacher (this could be Torchik, Mudkip, or Draco). Then the adventure begins. As in previous matches, the coach’s main goal is to get eight medals in the gym and then defeat the Elite Four to become Pokemon Champion. In two matches, his opponent was G Nero, the opponent of the player, and often much friendlier. He checked his progress several times and even gave us items to help us progress in the game.

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Pokemon Emerald Gameplay

The main enemy of the players is Team Magma and Team Aqua. Pokemon Emerald unblocked is different: You have to combine the two groups of enemies. Both groups struggle to wake the legendary Pokemon. The Magma Team’s hideout is on the river on Mount Comin, where the legendary Pokemon Groudon is located. As in previous Pokemon games, the legendary Pokemon Team Aqua Kyogre wakes up from the bottom of the ocean. The two Pokémon disobeyed their group and began fighting in the city of Sootopolis, where the climate changes between the sun and rain. Players must awaken the legendary Pokémon Raywuaza, the only one who can stop the fierce battle between these Pokémon and restore Hohen to its normal character.

As soon as the player receives all medals, he can enter Victoria Road, a place full of Pokemon and wild coaches. Finally, you will find access to the Elite Four.

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Pokemon Emerald Battles

While Pokemon Emerald’s relationship with Rub / Sapphire is similar to Yellow Pokemon for Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Crystal for Pokemon Gold and Silver, this truth adds more change than its two predecessors.

Pokemon Emerald game adds several battle changes. The battle of two against two can now be carried out randomly, with two Pokemon trainers fighting together. Various changes have been made at various points in Pokemon Emerald. In this section, you can, for example, photograph Kyogre and Groudon. Another interesting addition: Pokemon Safari Sona now has a fifth response that allows players to shoot some Pokemon that were originally at Johto’s school.