Pong HTML5, Play Online Ping Pong Game at ToG

Classic games never disappoint. In this mystical version of Pong, you must defend the goal and prevent the ball from stopping it and forcing it to jump to the target of an opponent who may be the same friend or machine. However, there will be no lack of emotions.

Pong Unblocked

You don’t need to find anyone to play one of our ping pong unblocked games on other sites. We provide the best Ping-Pong challenge; you can choose the atmosphere, mass, and color of the palette.

pong unblocked


Pong was the first arcade game to be truly successful in the 1970s, as was the Tetris game. Pong is made by Ping-Pong and is a requirement for video games! However, this is a straightforward game that comes in a 2D black box with white cubic elements. You have a white box to represent your rocket (left), a white box that moves for the ball, a dotted line, and another rocket to the right that is controlled by your computer.


The principle is the same as ping-pong: move rocket up/down with the mouse to return the ball to your opponent and prevent it from passing. The person who wins the match is, of course, the person who wins the most points. Classic, but effective.


For a less classic version of Pong, try the Pong Out game. You will not experience surprises when playing Pong, the adaptation of ping pong in an arcade game. Principle: Collect points by returning your opponent’s ball with your rocket. Move the rocket vertically with the mouse.


  • Use Mouse (Scroll UP/Down)
  • Use Keyboard (Up Arrow/Down Arrow)