The Potty Racers Unblocked, Play Porta Potty Racers at ToG

Potty Racers is a fun racing game in which you should construct your own special potty and attempt to fly it quite far by rushing down a slope and propelling off an incline! As you plunge down the slope and dispatch off of the incline, you should utilize your bolt keys to keep up equalization and attempt to fly incredible separations. Prepare for a world tour with CycloManiacs online racing game.

Portapotty Racers Unblocked

Toward the finish of each flight you procure money – utilize this money to update your potty. This game is dynamic and you should find a way to improve your separation step by step. Pick your updates cautiously and move in the direction of specific objectives. When you have met certain prerequisites, you can open new dimensions and zones to fly in.

Potty Racer Unblocked

Stick Figure Potty Racer

Potty Racers is a basic trick game with a lowbrow reason that will either net your children out or make them chuckle insanely. A stick figure driver furnishes a convenient can with wheels (and later on, other hardware as well) and rides it down a precarious slope to a major incline. After propelling off the incline, the driver can pull off insane tricks. You must ensure the potty terrains securely and don’t finish up decimated upon effect. As the port-a-potty races along, you can see dark colored fluid splash behind it, and yellowish streaks are left on the ground when it lands. Potty Racers game


  • Right arrow to push your potty
  • Left and right arrow to balance
  • 12345 to perform the trick.