The Pretentious Game 3, A Heartbreaking love game at ToG

The beneficial thing about being an adult is that you get the chance to settle on your own choices. Interestingly, you have nobody to fault for them however yourself. Pretentious Game 3 by Keybol all investigate troublesome life decisions, heartbreak and the pursuit of happiness (or, in case you’re in your twenties, it investigates a common week). Over the span of the three scenes in the game, you will be accountable for different characters.

The Pretentious Game 3 Unblocked

Pretentious GameEach screen accompanies a line or two of the characters’ internal monolog which ties in wonderfully with the moves you need to make, and regularly gives significant insights. Even though the game design of pretentious game 3 unblocked is as simple as can be, it’s amazing to discover how well it can reflect passionate states just as a stowaway dubious riddle arrangements. The pretentious game 3 isn’t difficult at all and every one of the three games is definitely short enough not to exceed their welcome. As a worm, eat and kill anything in his way at Effing Worms.


A pretentious game 3 is misleadingly straightforward, yet winds up achieving more distant and more profound than it may appear toward the begin. It’s easy to like it, even if you don’t particularly identify with the protagonists, as the visual style and the puzzle aspect make for an enjoyable experience. However, the main feature is the story, a dramatic tale of love, loss and trying to find yourself. It’s engrossing, even surprising at times, and playing characters with different points of view helps make the whole series a lot more cohesive and complete.


Move: W, A, S, D / Arrows