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QWOP is an unconventional and demanding online game that assesses players’ dexterity and coordination through a whimsical simulation of track and field sprinting. Players maneuver an athlete named “Qwop” using just four keys – Q, W, O, and P – each corresponding to the movement of the runner’s thighs and calves.


In QWOP, you take charge of the athlete’s motion, manipulating their thighs and calves using the Q, W, O, and P keys. Strategically propel the runner’s legs forward and backward, navigate the challenges posed by gravity and inertia, and advance without toppling over. However, it’s crucial to recognize that your primary competition in QWOP is yourself. Surpassing your limitations, surpassing your personal best – that’s the essence of true victory.

qwop unblocked


The game’s complexity stems from the precision required to execute fluid motions, often leading to amusing and unexpected stumbles and tumbles. Despite its apparent simplicity, QWOP has garnered a devoted following due to its unyielding mechanics and the comedic charm inherent in its almost-impossible control scheme.

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Games like QWOP:

There are many few games like QWOP, which is a ragdoll-based sports game in which the player has to control the movements of an athlete. Some other games that are similar to QWOP are:

  1. Ragdoll Runners: This game is very similar to QWOP in terms of graphics and gameplay. The goal is to control the movements of a ragdoll athlete and complete an obstacle course.
  2. G-Switch: In this game, the player has to control the gravity of a character as they run through an endless level filled with obstacles. It requires quick reflexes and precise timing, just like QWOP.
  3. CLOP: In this game, the player controls a unicorn trying to make its way across an obstacle course. The controls are similar to QWOP and require a lot of coordination.

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