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Raft Wars is a game that a few of us grew up playing on a different website. Raft wars 2 is where you play as a baby who’s folks get hijacked, and you collaborate with your younger sibling to go spare your folks. The primary target of the game is to take out your enemies, who are on a raft. Race with your friends at Drag Racer v3 and experience real-time fun.

Raft War 2 Unblocked


The story happens on a beach with Simon and his family. Simon finds the treasure and after it goes on the news privateers, Vikings, hooligans, Japanese warriors, Indians, neighbors, and even his very own parents fight out on the oceans for the treasure, and you need to collaborate with your brother to guard it.

Raft War 2 Unblocked


Each group will alternate shooting one another and you Don’t have to fall of try to crush your adversary. Characters ricochet off one another causing more harm. The beginning raft can be overhauled multiple times, and each time including more colleagues. The game has around 10 levels, each level highlights distinctive view and foes.

baby boat game


Your character will be outfitted with a cannon that has 3 Ammos.

  • Tennis Ball
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade

With these you will dispatch them at your foes, ideally knocking them off your raft before they thump you off yours.

Graphics & Sound

The game may sound fundamental, however, the gaming mechanics are very simple to take a few to get back some composure of. Different characters have different skin tones. Graphics are outstanding you can see everything clearly. Lighting is simply flawless that gives players a cartoony feeling. The water goes all over which is a decent animation.

How to Play Raft War 2?


  • The motivation behind the game is to vanquish all the enemies in every one of the 10 levels. You utilize Simon’s brother as a fundamental character.
  • Continue shooting tennis balls at them until they lose all their HP.
  • Two tennis shots in the head, as a rule, crush your rival and a rocket took shots directly at the head murders your enemy.
  • You have infinite amounts of ammo of tennis balls concerning the grenade and the rocket, you purchase those with your points.

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