raft wars unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Play Raft Wars (No Flash) Unblocked For Free And Online

As you and Simon set sail on your grand adventure, the vast, unpredictable waters become your battleground. Imagine the thrill of dodging cannonballs, outmaneuvering your foes with swift maneuvers, and launching a perfectly timed counterattack that sends your adversaries plummeting into the deep blue.

Raft Wars:

Raft Wars (by MARTIJN KUNST) presents an epic journey fraught with danger, excitement, and boundless opportunities. Armed solely with your raft and a reliable arsenal of tennis balls, each level will challenge your precision and strength in thrilling encounters.

raft wars unblocked

Navigating through perilous waters, you’ll need to employ your skills to outmaneuver and overcome a diverse array of adversaries. Whether facing off against formidable Vikings or crafty pirates, each foe presents a distinct challenge that promises to keep you riveted.


As you conquer each challenge, watch your humble raft evolve into an impregnable fortress. Make a direct hit to send your opponent plunging from their raft or whittle away their health until they yield. With each strategic shot, you’ll earn coins to upgrade your gear with powerful tools like grenades, rockets and raft enhancements.

raft wars html5


  • Mouse to aim and shoot

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