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Raze 2 is the second game sequel of the Raze series. You play to save humanity as Raze soldier. The player has the option to save humanity or try to destroy it. Raze unblocked 2 was released on 15th September 2011 by AddisonR and JuiceTin. There are more weapons, more features that were absent from the previous game. Arm yourself with a wide collection of weapons, armor, and fight against alien forces and save the world. Or become an alien and fight till the world’s end. A great adventure game where you have to face all kinds of dangers. At first, you can only play with people, but if you cross all the screens, you can go with aliens.

raze one game

Finally, a beta version of Raze 2 was released. The game was everything we hoped for and more. There are many new changes to improve the quality and graphics of the game. If you play the original Raze, you will be fascinated by this version; enjoy it as a comment, introduce Raze 2 to one of the best shooter games like strike force heroes 2, and expect lots of fun when you play Raze 2 online.

Raze 2 Unblocked

A game in which many players choose your favorite, make comparisons yourself, and we hope you like it. Remember, we offer the best, more significant, and biggest game collection in the world that you can play online.

Human Campaign Story:

The story starts with the Raze Soldier coming out of meeting Johnny Rockit. Rockit instantly tells the player that a missile has hit the city before teaching Raze the basics. Rockit and Raze discover the spot slithering with the zombies left behind from the main attack. However, the two are overpowered, but they figure out how to fight off the zombies until they are protected. They are outfitted with flamethrowers and sent back in and improve this time. They discover Captain Biggs, a survivor, and salvage him.

Raze 2 Unblocked

Alien Campaign Story:

The story starts nine years after the first war between the Aliens and the Humans in Raze. The aliens are bringing back a lot of 4 artifacts from an obscure area, as meteors were made a directed for their home planet. The objects had the power to protect the worlds from meteors when they suddenly disclose a human cargo ship. Fearing that the humans are there to steal their objectives, the Aliens shoot down the ship and then attempt to kill the captain and the robots on board to prevent any human reinforcements from coming. In any case, they fall flat, and the chief comes back to Earth securely, and during the fight, the alien loses ownership of the relics. They comb the cargo ship for the missing relics, yet without much of any result.

Raze 2 game

Raze 2 Controls

  • Move: W, A, S, D or Arrows
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Switch Weapon: Q or E or 1, 2, 3
  • Use Ability: F

Each round grants you credit to be used to purchase upgrades, new abilities, and other items. Complete the first campaign, and you’ll have a chance to take revenge on those slimy humans.