Raze Unblocked, Play Online Shooting Game at ToG

Raze unblocked is a third-person shooting game developed by armor games for the battle between the Aliens and the Humans in a struggle for survival. You are a Raze Soldier if you play Human Campaign. On the other hand, you play as a Desert Alien in Alien Campaign.

Fight aliens and robots are trying to conquer our planet. When you finish the game, you can choose aliens to defeat humans. In this game, you have to make your warriors and decide if you want to be part of a human or alien union. It would help if you started campaign mode to unlock other game modes and continue to enjoy this fantastic platform game.

Raze Unblocked (Raze One)

Raze is an online multiplayer game that pits two teams against each other in an all-out battle to the death. The game’s objective is to eliminate the opposing team by any means necessary, be it with guns, grenades, or simply your fists. Raze is an intense and fast-paced game that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


  • Human Campaign
  • Alien Campaign

Raze 1 Unblocked

Human Campaign

The Aliens attacked your homeland; you have to protect your world and fight against the superior enemies. Be the best, be the Raze soldier.



Raze is set through a preparation program against a training bot, after which he is put under Cpt. Simmon’s group, which additionally comprises Pvt. Richards and Pvt. Mill operator. The aliens are assaulting a plant significant for vitality creation, and the raze group wards off the outsiders. In any case, reinforcement is sent from the aliens. However, humans are as yet ready to end up as the winner.

Robots vs. Aliens

During the preparation, the humans constructed a model for military robots to battle with the humans. The robot intended to have intense protective layer plating while being exceptionally solid. The robot model is sent to an Alien base alone to test its solidness and execution. The robot can defeat six aliens at once without much problem.

Zombies & Aliens

Sgt. Johnson’s group was assaulted by a gathering of Aliens in the city. Raze is sent to give Sgt. Johnson reinforcement, and the pair can fight off the Aliens together. While the Humans were battling, the Aliens had the option to figure out how to restore the dead into mind-adoring zombies, which were then sent to execute Sgt. Johnson. Raze keeps on giving Sgt. Johnson support and fights off the zombies.

raze game unblocked

Alien Campaign

This time you’re an alien, and your main goal is to destroy the earth with aliens armies. You will be referred to as A.S. (Alien Soldier).


Alien Soldier is put into advanced training to prepare for the hard fights against the human. When prepared, he is sent alongside two other outsider troopers, Grungir and Thyolax, to a human base in an unexpected assault for his first mission, as the humans won’t see them.

Zombie Virus

Seeing as the human powers are beginning to get excessively Strong, A.S. and more, three space Aliens are sent on board the human cargo ship in space to taint the same number of people with the zombie infection found in the crate. The aliens are active, and each human in the vessel transforms into a zombie.


  • Move your character: WASD or Arrows
  • Jump: Space
  • Shoot: Left click
  • Select Weapons: 1-10, Q, Shift
  • Pause the game: P