return man 2 unblocked

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Play Return Man 2 Unblocked For Free And Online Without Flash

Return Man 2 is an engaging online flash game that brings the thrill and tactics of American football to life. Created by ESPN, this game puts players in the role of a return man tasked with catching the ball and sprinting down the field to score a touchdown.

Return Man 2:

Return Man 2 is a classic American football game, much like Retro Bowl, beloved by gamers globally. Its retro graphics offer a nostalgic charm for fans of classic gaming visuals. Progress through unlocking new challenging levels, each presenting a fresh obstacle to overcome and story to unfold. Time your run to reach the yellow circle, catch the ball, and skillfully navigate towards the end zone while evading incoming tackles.

return man 2 unblocked


Return Man 2’s simple and addictive gameplay keeps players engaged. It’s not just about reaching the end zone; it’s also about unlocking special moves and securing a top spot on the leaderboard.

return man 2 html5

But there’s more to Return Man 2 than running and scoring. Use strategic special moves like spinning, speed boosting, or front flipping while monitoring the charge bar. Master these moves for a sure path to victory.


  • Move Right: J
  • Move Left: L
  • Move Forward: I
  • Move Backward: K
  • Special Move
    • Spin: A
    • Speedburst: S
    • Front flip: D

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