Play Rogue Soul Unblocked, Free Online Game at TOG

Rogue Soul is a jump and a by Soul Game Studio that puts players through free-running heaven where Aladdin, Altair, and Faith would feel similarly at home. Break the world record of Tetris Unblocked at ToG by getting 999,999 points.

Rogue Soul Unblocked


The first game of the series begins when your character “The Rogue” steals from a market shop. Escaping the location of the wrongdoing, he spots two “Needed” notices: one for another criminal, “Borin Hood”, with a 5,000 Soulon reward, and one for himself, with just a 42 Soulon reward. Afterward, he protects a youngster from a guard.

Rogue Soul Unblocked


The Rogue symbol Rogue is a playable character. He is a redhead wearing a turquoise shroud over a rogue suit. It’s also conceivable that he’s wearing a red hood.

How to play?

Utilize the Arrow keys to move, jump and drop your way over the cityscape, getting as much coin as you can. Normally there are obstructions to abstain from, beginning with pits you have to bounce over and low hanging walls to slide under with a press of the F key. At that point, there are the guards of the city: spearmen, warriors, bowmen, axemen, professional killers. You’ll assault them consequently as you keep running into them, however, make certain to time yourself so you don’t wind up speared. Different pick-ups will help your free-running. Parachutes, activated with D key will allow you additional hang time noticeable all around. Knives, typically found in barrels or attached to wanted posters, can attack enemies from a distance when thrown with G key, and the protective layer will enable you to endure a single hit. On the off chance that you can get blossom and effectively award it to Souly, your primary crush, she’ll lift your spirits and give you a supply of double jumps. Money boxes and other mystery rewards litter the scene for those with sharp eyes.