Scary Maze Unblocked, Play HTML5 No Flash Game at ToG

Maze Games is a perfect puzzle game that requires thought and speed to direct characters or objects from their starting point to their arrival location and guide them through the corridor maze. The road will not be a long, calm river. Otherwise, it will not be pleasant.

We need to pay attention to the various traps and obstacles scattered along the way, as well as the intrusion of potential enemies to fight to find them; games for girls (such as Little Girls and Labyrinths), but usually also boy games like Shooting Games, famous Pacman games or reflex game. So go to the maze unblocked game and have fun!

Scary Maze Game Unblocked

The Scary Maze Game is a popular online game that millions of people worldwide have played. The game’s object is to guide a small ball through a maze without touching the walls. The catch is that the maze is filled with obstacles and traps that can make the game challenging.

Many people have found the Scary Maze Game very addicting and have spent hours playing it. The game is also known for being very challenging, as it is not easy to get through all of the levels. There are four different levels in the Scary Maze Game, and each one gets progressively more difficult.


Use mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard to record different mazes in our maze game to guide characters from point A to point B, collect objects, and stay alive.


Pregnant, old, or other weak heart. Please don’t play this game. If not, turn on the volume a little. Please play the game. In the last part, we will tell you beforehand because you might be surprised.

How to Play Scary Maze?

This game does not need a keyboard. Games can only be played with a mouse. You don’t need to press a button.

You can only play games with mouse movements. Then the real one, we arrived at the description.

Stage 1:

  • All we have to do is look down at a little blue dot. Use your mouse to control this point properly.
  • Go to the wall so it doesn’t crash, and finally to the red that says Level 1.
  • Avoid creepy mice when hitting walls when playing be careful because you have to start from scratch.
  • If you move the ball in the red zone as above, the level is clear.

scary maze game online

Stage 2:

  • In round 2, you will definitely see that this is more difficult than level 1.
  • The labyrinth is connected in zigzag format, especially hydrocephalus or If you don’t have this problem, you might fix it.

scary maze game official version

Stage 3:

  • This is clearly a silly difficulty. It’s small at first, but if you look at the top of the world.
  • The road turns right before you go to the red zone, almost impossible to pass.
  • Only one point there seems to be enough room to come.

how to play scary maze game

Stage 4:

  • Still calm to your destination. Let’s go slowly Maybe if you walk through this narrow stretch. People will concentrate a lot of time.

scary maze prank

The End:

  • Suddenly a ghost appears and becomes strange. In short, this is a Scary fun game, Narrow stretch at the end is never the same.