Sky Roller Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

Sky Roller is a fun new game that will make you feel like you’re on top. In Sky Roller, you use your mouse to help your character roll across various platforms while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Sky Roller is sure to captivate players with its stunning visuals and upbeat music.

Sky Roller Unblocked

Sky Roller is an endless runner game in which players must guide their character through a never-ending series of obstacles. The point is to see how far you can get before you hit something or fall off the platform’s edge. The game takes place in a colorful, funny world, and the music is catchy.

Sky Roller Unblocked


Sky Roller is easy to control with just one touch. If you tap on the screen, the character will jump, and the character will jump higher if you hold it down. If you swipe to the left or right, the character will change lanes.


Sky Roller has a lot of different things that can get in the way, like holes in the platform, rolling barrels, and enemies. If you hit an obstacle, the level will fail.