Play Sniper Team 2 Game Online (Free Sniper Game)

You need to defend your Soldier base Select shooter and your weapon and prepare to secure your turf no matter what in this shooting game. Kill all the enemies to pass a level, however, make sure to watch out for your protection.

Sniper Team 2 Game:

Assemble your squad and shield the target against terrorists in this first-person game. In Sniper Team2, it’s up to you and your four squadmates to protect the target from being destroyed. You’re fixed in a particular area, and you can’t move. In any case, that is the reason there are you four. Adversaries will originate from different bearings, and you’ll need to switch between the team members from your squad to deal with every one of the foes. Eliminate them all, and you proceed onward to the following mission for a significantly all the more difficult situation. Be vigilant for increasingly troublesome foes, just as supply drops that can give you money support. Eliminate enemies gives you experience and cash. The experience levels you up, opening new things that you can purchase for your squad individuals. Play it and become a sharpshooter.

How to Play Sniper team game?

Take responsibility of a team of 4 snipers and protect your base from the terrorists. Your snipers are positioned at strategic locations. The player should total numerous tasks by protecting the base’s wellbeing from the terrorists. There are numerous bases in the game. Each task in the Sniper squad, there is one explicit base the player needs to protect. The terrorists’ job is to shoot the base, while the player’s job is to protect it. Sniper team 2 are very popular first-person shooting and war game with 3D graphics. You can play it at any time or place.

  • Switch Items: Q
  • Reload: R
  • Switch Person: 1 to 4
  • Left Mouse Button: Fire
  • Right Mouse Button: Aim
  • Zoom: Mouse Scroll