Square Bird Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

If so, you’ll enjoy Square Bird, a new game in which you must create as many squares as possible before time runs out. The rules are simple: making squares, dragging, and dropping the pieces. Your score will increase as you make more squares.


The game begins with a few squares on the board, and you must add more by dragging and dropping new pieces onto the board. Each piece has two sides, one solid and the other hollow, that can be dragged onto the board.

You earn points for each square you complete; however, if your stack of pieces reaches the top of the playing surface, you will lose points. Once you have completed a line, it disappears from the board, and your stack starts over from the beginning.

Square Bird Unblocked


Square Bird unblocked includes power-ups such as the ability to clear lines without losing points or stop time for a few seconds to make as many squares as possible. You can also earn bonus points, similar to Tetris, to help you improve your score.

How to play Square Bird?

The game is easy to pick up and play, but it’s challenging enough to keep you occupied for hours. Go to a website and select “Play Now” from the drop-down menu to play Square Bird. After the game loads, you’ll be asked to select your playing surface—the larger the surface, the more points you’ll be able to earn—and then you’ll be able to begin playing. Use the “Space Key” or “Mouse Left Key” to build boxes.

square bird online

How many levels are in the Square Bird?

Currently, Square Bird has one game mode with 100 levels. As you progress through the levels, more interesting challenges are added, ensuring freshness and excitement.

The game’s creators intend to add more modes in future updates, such as multiplayer and boss fights, but they’ve already stated that their priority right now is to improve the user experience.