Stick Archers Battle

Marshall Fiore

Play Stick Archers Battle Unblocked for free and Online

It is a fun and action archery game in which you continuously move forward with the bow in your hands on the dynamics tracks. This Stick Archers Battle game was developed by RHM Interactive and released in 2022 and last updated in 2023. You can also browse this game on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Play this contest with your fellows or with the CPU, and if you play it against the CPU, you can try out the death match in which you win after scoring five against the computer. It is an exciting game in retro pixel style, and you unfold the journey as you keep advancing.

Stick Archers Battle:

The game’s name gives the idea of what it’ll be like. You move in the game, and the environment and physics keep changing. There will be enemies coming and attacking you anytime, so you’d have to be prepared and focused on the opponents. Aim your bow at the perfect angle towards the antagonist and attack them as soon as you see them and before they target you.

Stick Archers Battle


  • The blue team will hold the W and then release to shoot arrows.
  • The red players will hold the up arrow and release it to shoot.

Using Mouse

  • Left arrow to move left
  • Right arrow to move right
  • Up arrow to move forward
  • Down arrow to move back

The game is simple, and you can casually enjoy it without needing laser focus and attention. Simple and attractive graphics set it apart from others. There are different types of levels, modes, and environments that you experience.

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