stick duel medieval wars

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Stick Duel Medieval Wars Unblocked, Play 2 Player Online Game for free

Stick Duel Medieval Wars will take you back to the Middle age when men fought with trivial weapons. The great game was developed by Hihoy Games and released in 2020 and is playable on all sorts of mobiles and tablets, including iPhone, Android, Samsung and Apple. This game features two fierce opponents, much like the warriors in Stick Archers, wielding axes and spears, poised on mobile platforms, ready to vanquish each other.

Stick Duel Medieval Wars:

stick duel medieval wars

Play the game online and you can do a match against the CPU or invite your friend to play with you if you want to win this contest. Be a fighter stickman and collect your five stars. The match is challenging because you must fight the enemy and balance your body on the skateboard. Make your reflexes sharp and keep your blood bars full to avoid defeat. Hitting your rival’s head allows you to score more.


When you start this game, you’ll see the two modes: one-player and two-player options. The top of the screen will show you the health status of both contestants. Play stick duel medieval wars online and get amazed by the 2D graphics and excellent sound effects. Walk into the arena with honor and get ready to slaughter the enemy by his neck with your weapon. Stand tall and aim your enemy and kill it five times before he even attacks you so that you’ll win the championship.


  • 1P: Control the player on the left side of the screen using the WASD keys.
  • 2P: The right-side player can be controlled and moved using the arrow keys.

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